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2009: The Year MJ Died and CG was Born

It has been so long since my last message. So much to report but none of it would be very exciting to people that aren't me.

I try to write this message every year. I sum up the previous year and look toward the next. This year is a hard one to sum up. The obvious points of interest are: Baby. Marriage. Job.

When this year began I, in no uncertain terms, thought I would not have a baby in 2009. We spent the whole pregnancy expecting the worst but somehow prevailing. I give 98% of that credit to Katie and will accept 2% of the credit (and any gifts that you feel I deserve) for all my hard work and support. Up to the very end when Katie went into labor and the heartbeat of the baby (and her) dropped to nil, I always expected the worst. Sometimes when baby is screaming won't let us cuddle or even talk, I have to make sure to remember that this is what we worked so hard to achieve. This is what we gave up so much to have and hold and to create. Of course, sleep helps one think logically so it is often a mute point.
Baby is awesome, though. The highlights of my year have been sparked by her. The times she does something new, the times she sees some little bit of the world for the first time, are incredible moments. When I come home from work and she won't stop starring at me I can't help but feel a sense of love that I haven't felt before. I mean, she sometimes stares and screams but it is still something special. Katie and the kids went to Vegas last week for 3 days. When I came home from work after their return Charlotte gave me a giant kiss and just wanted me to hold her. Those are the moments that I cherish.

We got married in May. The wedding party was a total of 7 people or so. TINY. It took place in a park and a cute little African American family had a picnic and watched us get married. The mother cried. It was AWESOME. Married life has been pretty much the same as non-married life. I never felt getting married was an important thing. I think it is funny how important it is to people. As if a piece of paper some how makes people more committed. Between work and kids we don't get a lot of alone time but we do what we can. I couldn't be happier with whom I am spending my life with.

Work has been crazy. The timing for Dante Gebel's arrival at the cathedral was incredible. It gave us time to move out just before baby (a week before, in fact) and start our own family on our own. I have been working 6 days a week for the past 8 months which has been tough. Some of the days stretch into 10 or 12 or even 14 hours depending on deadlines, but in this economy you have to be pleased to have work at all. I have been editing a spanish program called "Dante Gebel Live" which I think is hilarious considering I don't speak spanish. Life is a very strange ride.

Looking Forward.

With regard to my physique the past 18 months haven't been kind to me. And the past year has been brutal. All the stress of getting ready for baby and coping with the pregnancy from hell (but damn that Katie is a trooper) caused a lot of binge eating and left little desire for exercise. My goal is to take better care of myself. Start working out again. Start eating right again. Ultimately, I need to learn to juggle being a husband & father with being a good employee and a healthy individual. We'll see how many of those balls I can keep up in the air at once.

Wish me luck.
Happy new year!

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