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Project: Stalking the Talented, Part 3

I have recently started to try and get my life back on track. It isn't that I am unhappy with where I am or with my wife and kids. I am just unhappy with the fact that I never do anything creative. To be honest, work takes a lot out of me. 6 days a week is a huge undertaking and it isn't as if work stays at work a lot of the time. By the time I leave work and get my ass kicked by stop and go traffic I tend to be pretty run down. We eat dinner and sit and stare at tv. Maybe a videogame is played with Jonathan or a little time spent on the computer but it is not the way I want to live. We have, as a family decided to exercise as well as eat better. That explains why I am eating a sandwich whose bread tastes a bit like dirt but doesn't deter me because I know that if it tastes like dirt it must be good for you. My hope is that if I eat better and find the time to exercise I will have more energy to get that spark going in my brain again. Things in motion stay in motion, afterall.

Last week I started working on a tumblr page that will work as a hub for my video blogs, old and new, as well as the images for the Wall of Jon project. I am excited by the prospect of updating it with drawings by my favorite illustrators and celebrities. This could either be a huge success or another occasion for me to fall on my face (I only got 1 reply to my Christmas mailing two years ago out of 25 sent out WITH Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes). The impending public humiliation aside, I am pretty excited about this project and what it may bring. 

The pens have been ordered through the same company that made my mugs.  I decided to include the URL of the tumblr page on them in case any of these holier of holy artists decide they are interested enough to take a peek and see what the true story is with me.  Pens are set to be delivered on June 29th and I will hopefully have everything else ready to go for a quick turnaround.  What better way to celebrate the birth of my child than by sending out requests for drawings of me?  It truly is a great way for me, as a man, to celebrate my virility.  

I hope to start shooting some Vlogs again and have a couple ideas rumbling about. 

This summer Jon Ganahl makes creativity his bitch!


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