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Leave Them Wanting More...

I stumbled upon this livejouranl for the first time in what appears to be 4.5 years.  After reading a handful of messages I wonder how I got to my current state.  I mean that both literally and figuratively.  I always shared too much with this journal.  In hindsight I recognize that I am a very open individual but I like to pretend otherwise.  I suppose the early days of the internet helped one feel very anonymous.  I knew that a few of my friends read this journal regularly but other than that it seemed pretty much like writing a letter and leaving it under a rock.  Flash forward all these years and I see that my words will live on eternally.  Anyone searching for my name will stumble across this "journal" and will learn insights into my twisted mind.  The thought that my kids could read about me feeling "horny" should convince me to shut this thing down...but I can't pull the plug.
I have had a little boy named Henry since I last posted.  I quit my job to support my wife with a startup and I find myself in the state of Arkansas to try and make this thing happen.  I have had the amazing opportunity to play the role of Mr. Mom for nearly two years.  I adore my children and will forever cherish this time regardless of what happens with the business.
I spent the day at the Office today.  Charlotte drew a large sign for me that says I Love Dad and has a drawing of me as a horse with 6 legs. Two of the legs are then X'd out.  It gives the office days some extra charm.
Henry wil be up in 5 hours so I suppose I should get to bed.
I cannot believe I remembered the password to this thing.

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